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The Plainfield EID BOD will meet at 11AM on Wednesday, April 13th, 2022 Please contact

for information.

Plainfield's Economic Improvement District functions in some ways like a revenue capturing TIF area. Unlike a TIF, it's the property owners within the EID that petition for the creation of the district.

The Indiana code related to Economic Improvement Districts may be found HERE.


Plainfield's EID was created by local property owners to specifically address the needs and interests of the tenant businesses calling Plainfield home.


With more than half of Plainfield's employees coming to work from outside of Hendricks County, the Plainfield EID has utilized collected revenue to maintain and enhance existing commuting services for these workers.


Additionally, the EID supports the attraction, retention and training of employees through partnerships established throughout the town, county and region. 

Information and progress updates will be added to this site on a regular basis.

Questions concerning the EID should be directed to:

Kelley & Associates.

Cinda Kelley                                                



Jaime Johnson


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