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Hendricks County Flyer: Following His Faith -Innovation Hub fosters career change

By Ashton Brellenthin

AVON — It takes a lot of courage to make bold career changes. But with the support of the Central Indiana Innovation Hub here, Ryan Willman has followed his faith and made the move to Thrivent Financial.

Willman made that change when he decided to leave an executive level corporate finance position at a publicly listed company to work for Thrivent. The mission of the new company was a big part of that, he said.

"I ultimately left the corporate world because I felt like the calling at Thrivent was an opportunity to do something more meaningful and impactful," he explained.

Thrivent is a membership- based Christian organization that focuses on helping its members be wise with their money and live generously, with an ultimate goal of stronger members, families and communities.

As a financial representative for Thrivent, Willman is now able to apply his background in finance to help members connect their faith with their finances.

"I view what I’m doing now as more of a calling than just a career," Willman said. "My faith was a major factor in making such a big change."

With Thrivent, he specializes in retirement planning, investments, solutions for businesses and estate strategies. He said helping people reach their goals is a passion for him.

"I do comprehensive financial planning or advice, and th! at process starts with getting to know the individual or family and understanding what’s important to them," Willman said.

Living generously by giving to local charities and the community is a pivotal aspect of Thrivent and Willman can help members with that, as well as with building stable finances.

Hoping to focus on Hendricks County and west side of Indianapolis, Willman came to the Innovation Hub in Avon in December. The most beneficial aspect of the Hub for Willman, he said, has been networking.

"Part of my strategy to build my practice is meeting as many new and interesting people as I can, so the Hub has been a big part of that," he said.

Focusing on business owners is something Willman has made a priority, and by meeting other member's of the Hub and the business community, he hopes to grow his business in other ways too.

Willman said he imagines one day having a space comparable to the Hub where similar professionals can help business and individuals with the convenience of being in one location.

"I envision taking the concept of the Hub and making my own version of that," he explained. "I want to have an office and fill it with other businesses that are complimentary to mine, a complimentary business solutions center."

Taking the Hub concept to another level to help businesses grow may be a longterm goal for Willman, but it the meantime he said he will continue to take steps to reach it and help Thrivent members meet theirs.

For more information on Willman and his work with Thrivent, visit the web! site at or call 317-850-3634.

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